by For the past eight months, National Geographic has featured articles relating to the rocky future of food—since the planet will have nine billion people to feed by 2050, dramatic changes will be needed for ultimate food security. The articles focused on a variety of issues, from the benefits of aquaculture to the ethics of… Read More

by Hello my world travelers! Back in May, I wrote a post about a global climate change arctic expedition happening in several cities throughout the United States. Never saw that post? Read it here! The article discussed a trip the Arctic scheduled for June 2015; the goal was for regular citizens to see firsthand the… Read More

by  Mackenzie Patel Because I think anything related to our natural environment is appealing, I decided to discuss the fascinating topic of plate tectonics and how it differs from continental drift (another landmass theory). Both attempt to explain how our landmasses are situated the way they are today and why. They also are enmeshed with… Read More


by        Hello everyone. I am taking an online Marine Science course, and one of our labs was to dissect a shrimp. I thought I would share my experience with you and the information I gleaned from this watery activity! I have never cut open a shrimp before; to be honest, it wasn’t… Read More

by        It’s not just rising sea levels that will impact our Earth; the destruction of valuable species due to climate change will ensue as well (often with even more detrimental affects). I would like to begin by pointing out that organisms are important in our everyday lives (although we may not see… Read More

by        So many people talk about the thinning of the ozone layer, but what does that really mean? In this new series, “Global Climate Change Wednesdays,” I will explain some basic environmental concepts that seem to confuse and mystify people.        To begin, CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) are synthetic compounds that contain… Read More

by         Hello world! I was strolling along a back street with my mother to a local park when I happened to see a strange occurrence by the water’s edge: a palm tree with an epiphyte on it! I didn’t know what this peculiar vegetation was until my AP Environmental class this year,… Read More

by        So much controversy has surrounded the words “global warming” that most people aren’t quite sure what the term means anymore. Sure, it means that earth is heating up like a sauna in a drought, but what is the science behind the rising temperatures, carbon dioxide levels, and sea level? In this… Read More