by Mackenzie Patel I won’t deny it: I’m a Tame Impala-loving, cassette tape-buying, fishnet-wearing hipster. Although I don’t think my artsy tendencies make me a typewriter junkie, I accept the blanket term and redefine it on my own terms. I don’t adore Starbucks or only wear black jeans; however, I will choose a museum over… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Since I’m a writer for Spoon University, I am a sucker for anything creamy, sugary, buttery, and calorie-rich. Food is photogenic to the hilt and the photographers dream is a succulent meal that is both tasty and rich in color. German food is the perfect contender: wiener schnitzel, dark chocolate, Berliner Pilsner,… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel The beer has spilt and the cleavage has overflown—I am officially in Germany. This country of Angela Merkel and salted pretzels is part of the motherland to me; I am half German, half Indian, so hearing the guttural language spit around me isn’t unusual. For this photojournalism program, our project is to… Read More