by      I analyzed fashion commercials from six different countries to see how they were similar/different, and how they marketed their product to the consumer. I found some interesting results! America         H &M, founded in 1947 as Hennes Women’s Clothing Store, has expanded rapidly from its original home in Västerås,… Read More

by While chatting on Interpals, I asked a bunch of teenagers (aged 15-18) from different countries: What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “travel?” Here are the responses I got—check out my Interpals wall at Nathaly, Venezuela “Learn, Enjoy and meet. That’s the first I think when I… Read More

by Watch my video on Lissos! Lissos, Crete        Lissos is on the South Coast of Western Crete, a Greek island located in the Mediterranean Sea and south of the Cycladic Islands centered around Delos. Lissos was a relatively well known city in Crete from the 4th century BCE to 7-9th century… Read More

by Montenegro (lower left corner) Ancient Illyrians first settled the land now called Montenegro in the 1000s BCE. These peoples formed alliances with their neighbors (i.e. Macedonians, Albanians), and eventually came under the influence of the Hellenic world. The Romans pushed themselves into the territory and officially gained control of it in 168 BCE… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Faience Hippo from Ancient Egypt–1961-1878 BCE Faience, a glazed ceramic material, was first created in Ur and Babylon around 2000-1500 BCE. It was used extensively by the Ancient Egyptians because it was cheaper and easier to mold than real precious gems (i.e. turquoise, lapis lazuli). Faience is ground quartz, sand, and/or… Read More

by  Mackenzie Patel        So what is high school like in America? Yawn, scribble, sigh. Laugh, iPhone alert, clatter, snore, cry. Someone either saying, “I’m tired” or “When do I get out of here?” Those sounds and hackneyed questions basically define homegrown American high schools. I have been attending a thoroughly American school… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel The degradation of soil is a worldwide problem, and it affects not only highly industrialized monocultures, but also less developed countries as well. Along with erosion, deforestation, overgrazing, and salinization, irrigation is another sly culprit of soil destruction. However, irrigation is more insidious because people think, “hey, irrigating crops is a good… Read More

by I have never been to Greece before, but if I did go, I would use this wishful itinerary! I’m all about history, so this trip has a lot of ruins and museums! Day one: FLY TO ATHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT                           … Read More