by First Impressions:        After reading this book, Rome sounds like an attractive and timeless city in which to live. In fact, it is THE city in which to spend your life because it has excellent food, vivacious people, and a culture that seems to endure no matter which turbulent period of… Read More

by        It’s not just rising sea levels that will impact our Earth; the destruction of valuable species due to climate change will ensue as well (often with even more detrimental affects). I would like to begin by pointing out that organisms are important in our everyday lives (although we may not see… Read More

by Hello World. To spread the word about what I actually do on this website, I made a video about my travels and uploaded it to YouTube–check it out here!  … Read More

by Rhine River        Because I am fascinated and enamored with the Empire/culture of Ancient Rome, this last GO DEUTSCHLAND FUTBOL article will focus on the presence of the Romans in Germany (then called “Germania”). Before the Romans stamped their imperial mark on the outlying province, Germania and the surrounding areas were inhabited… Read More

by        I was contemplating doing a creative writing story for this Go Deutschland Futbol post, but I just couldn’t seem to get the imaginative juices to flow as swift as the coursing river. Therefore, I will take the more mundane route and describe the town of Mittenwald, a city that is located… Read More

by        Today, we are going to be looking at some typical German foods, their origins, and how my mother cooked them on the night of the World Cup. The Germans won (hence the title of this series), so I would like to share their customs and food! On Sunday, my mother prepared… Read More

by       Ready for some German Futbol words? Learn how to say the most common terminology in German….the winning language!  My mom’s dictionary from 1981…. English German Football Fussball Stadium Stadion Score Punktzahl Referee Schiedsrichter World Cup Weltmeisterschaft Brazil Brasilien Corner kick Eckball Goalie Torwort Defense Verteidigung Offense Vergehen Fan Fächer Sideline Nebenberuf… Read More

by        Learn about this amazing GERMAN artist that was considered the Leonardo da Vinci of the North! Go Deutschland futbol!    Watch my video here:            Albrecht Dürer was most of the most prolific and influential German artists of the High Renaissance. While Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo were… Read More