by Watch my new video here:        This stunning portrait was created by Diego Velázquez in 1650. Velázquez was a Spanish Baroque painter who was born in Seville, Spain in 1599. Later on in his illustrious career, he became court painter to Philip IV, the important monarch of Spain and her colonies. Besides… Read More

by Facade of Pazzi Chapel My own picture        Keeping with the Renaissance theme of my past couple of art analyses, I am going to discuss the Pazzi Chapel, a building commissioned by the powerful Pazzi family that resided in Florence (similar to how the Medici commissioned the Palazzo Medici Riccadi). The building,… Read More

by          What do these two dissimilar objects have in common?  How does a faceless worker on a neon construction sign relate to a frozen image of Mary as the Theotokos (Bearer of God)? It is the idea behind the entities, not the visible aspect that is the connecting link. Street signs are everywhere:… Read More

by Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I wrote an article about amazing places to visit in Italy for Cush Travel ( This neat website has a travel blog and hotel booking directory–check it out! The article I wrote for them can be found here.   … Read More

by         Hello world! I was strolling along a back street with my mother to a local park when I happened to see a strange occurrence by the water’s edge: a palm tree with an epiphyte on it! I didn’t know what this peculiar vegetation was until my AP Environmental class this year,… Read More

by Hilton Hotel Madness IIFA, or International Indian Film Academy, has caused thousands of Indian to flock to Tampa Bay, Florida to see their favorite Bollywood stars. Bollywood, the equivalent of the USA’s glitzy Hollywood, usually have award ceremonies (like America’s Oscars) throughout the world, not just in India. Last year, the Academy took its… Read More

by Check out my new video here:        This series of court entertainers was painted by the Spanish painter Diego Velázquez (1599-1660) in the mid 1600s (in the midst of the Baroque era). Velázquez was born in Seville, the cultural capital of Spain during the Golden Age (which included the work of artists… Read More

by        So much controversy has surrounded the words “global warming” that most people aren’t quite sure what the term means anymore. Sure, it means that earth is heating up like a sauna in a drought, but what is the science behind the rising temperatures, carbon dioxide levels, and sea level? In this… Read More