by Mackenzie Patel It’s difficult writing this final post, but some things must be done: I’m finished writing for LearnTravelArt, which is ironic given today is its fourth birthday. It’s been four years of researching artworks and recording thoughts nobody reads. Four years of dawn crawling articles, Ancient Roman tales, European travel, and short stories… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Wes Anderson is synonymous with dreamlike cinematography, Bill Murray, and deadpan characters that are nonetheless fan favorites. Haven’t heard of him before? He’s the man who popularized disturbing, animated foxes and Owen Wilson. To say he’s unusual is an understatement: the man is a more of a surreal artist than your average… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello all. Sophomore year was rife with memories, most of which were frustrating or satisfying as hell. Key places around Gainesville are linked to unending nights and moments I wasted 2,000+ words on in Microsoft journal entries. I recently got a Canon EOS 1300D camera, so I tested out the different modes on… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel “After a while, I peek my head out and wonder: Whoaahh! Where am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?” — Christoph Niemann I don’t have these existentialist musings on the hour, but the question of “Where am I going” pops up at least once week. In creative terms,… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello all. By this point, my readers already know what a bizarre character I am: a Waffle House weirdo that writes too much. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that I dawn crawl my campus quite often—about twice or three times a month. There is something so attractive about slinking around campus, alone… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel The chewy-smooth delight of ground nuts is an ecstasy no drug can replicate. The grainless spread, whipped to a thick perfection, soothes any tongue and smothers the roughest taste buds. Jiffy, Peter Pan, Smuckers, and the homemade Publix brand—I don’t discriminate amongst different brands for they all deliver the earthy essence of… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello all! I apologize for not posting to LTA in a while, but it’s impossible to swim perpendicular to the rip current of schoolwork, pledging, fluting, and surviving. I wrote the semi-fictional short story below one lazy afternoon when nostalgia and a longing for a cinnamon crunch bagel gripped me. It’s the… Read More