by Published in The Waterbury Republican, 1991, by Edmund Valtman.×233.jpg        This political cartoon, featured in The Waterbury Republican newspaper in 1991, depicted a crestfallen Russian Communist, Mikhail Gorbachev, staring forlornly at his fractured empire. During this time (late 1980s-early 1990’s), the Soviet Union was crashing to the ground due to failed… Read More

by        Paris. The famous city of passionate love—or maybe the city of cliché. Why is Paris, the capital of France, so popular? It seems that everyone who remotely has their sights set on vacationing to Europe MUST visit Paris, no questions or qualms. Here are a few reasons why I think… Read More

by Watch my video here:        Klimt, an Austrian symbolist and Art Nouveau painter, was the President of the Vienna Secession, Austria’s avant-garde art group of the early 20th century. The symbol of their group (including artists such as Fabiani and Auchentaller) was Pallas Athena, the powerful Greek goddess of war and wisdom.… Read More

by        I understand that travelling is expensive and that teenagers don’t usually have $2,000 saved up to explore the marvels of the world on their own. But no fear—it is possible to travel, become enriched culturally and intellectually, and see a slice of what the world holds right in your own bedroom.… Read More

by       I have always been fascinated with modern day Turkey. Encompassing the history of the Trojans, Hittites, Romans, Byzantines, and the Ottomans, this country is rich with information. Here is my itinerary if I ever go!Day One: Fly to ANKARA, TURKEY · Rest from Jetlag · Stroll inside the Kocatepe Mosque (Kocatepe… Read More

by Watch my video here        French artist André Derain (1880-1954) painted this lovely image in 1905. Today, it is in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The painting is in the style of Fauvism (1904-1908), which used bright, energetic, and clashing colors and short, thick brushstrokes to convey liveliness (at… Read More

by Tagalog This language is spoken today in the Philippines, and it is believed to have originated in the 900s CE. It means “river dweller.” Little of the linguistic history of Tagalog is actually known. Farsi         This Persian language is spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. This Indo-Iranian language originated… Read More

by       Death. This chilling, enthralling, and inevitable process happens and has happened to every single human being on Earth. Despite our diverse customs, languages, history, food, and values, we are all linked together by the sudden ending of life. Many cultures, from the Egyptians to the Etruscans to Warhol’s pop culture 1960s,… Read More