by        Would you be willing to embark on a week-long expedition to the Arctic to see firsthand the impacts of global climate change? I am part of working group that is helping to organize this event and spread the word to the few communities selected by ISGP, the world-renowned Institute on Science… Read More

by       As I listlessly click the “next blog” button on my blogger dashboard, I encounter blog upon dull blog that hasn’t been updated since 2011 or late 2009. I wonder why blogs have been on the decline for years—no one I know actively follows bloggers and religiously reads their posts every week.… Read More

by Here is a list of the all the places I want to go to in my lifetime and the reasons why–enjoy! 1. Athens, Greece Seeing the Parthenon and all the other buildings on the Acropolis would be AMAZING! Parthenon 2. Crete, Greece Minoan culture, anyone?   3. Istanbul, Turkey Justinian! I can practically… Read More

by Day one: Travel day · Fly into Bergen Airport, Norway · Account for jetlag · Visit Mount Floyen and the Funicular scenic park (bring an umbrella because Bergen rains frequently!) Day two: BERGEN · Peruse the Rasmus Meyer Collection (famous for its’ numerous Munch’s) · Drink in the view from atop the Rosenkrantz Tower… Read More

by Watch my new video here: Painted by Fra Carnavale, this oil on wood exemplifies all the characteristics of the High Southern Renaissance. It was painted in 1500 C.E., and during this time, Michelangelo was feverishly chipping David out from his prison on marble, and Raphael was painting the famous frescoes in the Signature Room… Read More

by        Although I do not consider myself an ardent feminist, several comments my female friends confided in me have alarmed me greatly. I do not advocate burning bras or scorning the gender of men absolutely, but I believe that females need to have greater self esteem and confidence in themselves. The idea… Read More

by Watch my new video on this image here:        This amazing engraving was created by Antonia del Pollaiolo in 1465. Pollaiolo (1429-1498) was born in Florence in the Early Renaissance; he was contemporary with Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici as well as innovative artists such as Ghiberti, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, and Campin/van Eyck… Read More

by        This weekend, I went by this local park close to my house (the same one featured in the Oligotrophic vs. Eutrophic article!) It is so serene, pretty, and clean, yet no one knows about it! Luckily for me, it houses a wealth of Ancient Greek architecture, my favorite type of building… Read More