by  Hello world travelers! This post is more of a glorious discussion on a recent website I have found that is extremely educational, interesting, and just plain inspiring. By ‘website,’ I mean and a project that was initiated by the company. I will admit that I have spent several hours noodling through Google… Read More

by See my Museum Crawl Throughout the World Part One here. Galleria dell’Accademia Driving into Florence        I do not have much to write about this particular gallery except that it contains one of the most beautiful and intense sculptures in the world: “David” by Michelangelo. This marble colossus was created in the… Read More

by       I will admit, this post is a tad biased because I have only ever been to one pizzeria, John’s Pizzeria, in New York City. However, it was completely AMAZING so I think it’s safe to say that it’s my favorite one in the Big Apple. With the hundreds (or even thousands)… Read More

by        Hello world travelers! Today, we are going to be looking at Indian food, especially food that was bought at Patel Brothers, an Indian food store in Tampa, Florida. Browse their website here. I am half-Indian, so full blown Indians in the store were giving my mom and I rather strange, bamboozled… Read More

by        Hello World Travelers! Today is going to be a short post about the different types of “international” chocolates that I have eaten in my young life. By international chocolates, I mean those that have been made all over the world—from Argentina to the United States to the United Kingdom. Delicious Velvety… Read More