by Mackenzie Patel Hello all! June was a soup of ennui and hyperactivity, the fleshy yawns on a futon mixing with the ballet-flat rush across the streets of downtown Boston. I spent the first half lazing around Atlanta and not being particularly productive; the second half was spent training with Deloitte in Boston and starting… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello all! A few Thursdays ago, I attended a performance by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in Midtown. Needless to say, I was writhing in ecstasy because the music performed, the skill with which it was executed, and the swanky venue were all to my liking. Donning a tight dress and loose thoughts,… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel The sweat licked my brow as I waited for the blinking hand to transform into the green man of safety. The sun was unrelenting, chasing me down the boiling sidewalks as the clouds refused to claim me for themselves. Trees offered meager respite here and there, their giggling shadows more taunting than… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello all! I recently finished reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, and my goodness, it was a roller coaster of vanity, depravity, murder, and sadism all throughout its 165 pages. It was not my favorite book ever, mostly because I found the prose to be exaggerated and the main character to be… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel And here is the second installment of the Anna Karenina tale! Enjoy:) Collection of Words Part Five “You know, sometimes I don’t think you sleep anymore. Have you looked in the mirror in a while?” I looked at Nikita resentfully, knowing he didn’t mean to jab at my appearance but knocking down… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel I’m an all-around late bloomer in everything (i.e. knowing the definition of a thot, getting Spotify premium, realizing Jay Z cheated on Queen B), so it was no surprise I picked up the flute freshmen year of college. I was 18 and determined to create beautiful music…and keep up with my friends… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello all! Here is a short story–well, more like a novella since it’s nearly 15,000 words–that I wrote a few weeks ago. The main story, that of discovering the owner of Anna Karenina, contains grains of truth since I did find a clandestine note in that book (read my article about it here).… Read More