by Mackenzie Patel Hello World Travelers! Another month has casually slipped by, the hours and days and weeks melting together to create a truly spectacular and action packed month. These last three months have been such a tumultuous but amazing whirlwind of accolades, events, friends, and surprises; they’ve also been way more momentous than my… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel For my Type A, left-brain readers, I sincerely apologize because this post is going to skate all over the place. I have so many ideas brimming over the surface of my mind, but trust me, they are all at least remotely related! The main idea of this post is as follows: while… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel   Do the Grand Floridian Resort and the sprawling grounds of Disney have dizzyingly magical architecture? Not quite. But it definitely is luxurious to the point of being overwhelming. Two weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to compete in an all state academic competition that was held at the convention center… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel I always thought my small sleepy town in St. Petersburg, Florida was commercialized, disgustingly suburban, and too boring to contain an eclectic world traveler such as myself. What was downtown St. Pete and the jutting Pier compared to Barcelona, Paris, and Rome? Although I still believe the jewels of the British Museum… Read More

by   Mackenzie PatelHello world travelers! I just finished A Clockwork Orange, and I must admit, I was profoundly disturbed while reading it. I thought Lolita was unsettling to the point of full-blown pedophiliac weirdness, but this novel took crazy to a whole new level. Basically, it told the story of a young man’s journey… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel   Hello world travelers! A few nights ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Russian Extravaganza, an event in which a series of pieces by Russian composers was performed by the Florida Orchestra at the Mahaffey Theater. I had never been to a proper symphony before; YouTube was pretty much the… Read More