by Mackenzie Patel Directed by Menno Meyjes, this movie detailed the legendary life of Manolete, the most famous bullfighter in all of Spain in the 20th century. Born in Cordoba on July 4th, 1917, Manuel Laureano Rodriguez Sanchez came from a family of notable bullfighters; however, he was destined to become the most beloved bullfighter… Read More

by   Mackenzie Patel   Beautifully edgy yet playfully whimsical. A myriad of popping colors paired with the more intense, muted hues. Divine leg candy. Paradoxically sexy dresses covered in pure Bosch. This is how I would describe the clothing of BlackMilk, an online retailer based in Australia. This “grunge chic” store is one of… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel As is so often the case, the idea for this post was born as I was flicking through my vacation photos, longing to return to the beautiful and timeless landscapes I have been fortunate enough to enjoy. On this particular photo viewer jaunt, I came across an image depicting the seaside city… Read More

by   Mackenzie Patel Let’s just admit this right now: Reading books such as Crime and Punishment, A Clockwork Orange, and Ulysses is sometimes an uphill trek that doesn’t seem worth the itchy eyes, aching brain, and mystified imagination. Our minds are turned inside out like a limp graphic t-shirt going in the washing machine… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Lolita, the controversial story about a pedophile’s erotic love affair with a girl of twelve, has sparked debate and disapproval for more than fifty years. Although the novel was revolutionary for its day and had unconventional prose, I still enjoyed reading it immensely. In context, the way Humbert Humbert (the scholar from… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel I am currently in the process of writing and editing my first complete novel (78,000 words+). I already wrote a collection of short stories centered on Ancient Rome called Vitae Romanorum (The Lives of the Romans). Find it on Amazon here. As I have discovered, writing brief short stories and full-fledged novels… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello world travelers! It’s time for another “Favorites” post in which I write about artists, books, music, and words that I have been enamored with the past month. Read my previous Favorites post here. Personally, February 2015 was one of the best months of my life thus far (which is saying quite… Read More