by Mackenzie Patel Hello World Travelers! Recently, I’ve been obsessed with the notion of “living” and fearing that I’ll be 80 years old and haven’t truly lived for one day. I apologize in advance for the existential December Favorites post! This makes me feel alive: Unreal nighttime car rides with friends you never realized were… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel I’m not the most dedicated enthusiast to cultish trends, but my obsession with Star Wars has entered the murky realm between true aficionado and perceived George Lucas Bandwagoner. I saw the entire series only a few short months ago, although I consider rewatching all six episodes multiple times during finals week an… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello all! Since the new Star Wars movie came out today, I thought I’d share a few rad pictures of Star Wars graffiti art. Stretching down a busy road filled with candy wrappers, gator heads, and crawling ants, the Southwest 34th Street Wall in Gainesville, Florida is notorious for student produced art.… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello World Travelers! Obsessions with novels by Tolstoy, tempestuous compositions by Tchaikovsky, and jars of Peter Pan peanut butter define my existence, at least at this point in time. However, for quite a few years my radar of pop culture erased any signals involving mainstream television, movies, or sappy Nicolas Sparks’ books.… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Being perpetually obsessed with the bold, tragic story of Anna Karenina might not be a healthy habit, but my lack of cares was tossed out of the window along with my sanity a long time ago. This gut-wrenching story, complete with perverse lust, the musings of an existential farmer, and volumes of… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello World Travelers!  Another year has seamlessly elapsed into the white-washed fabric of my local beach, nothing changing except new high rise apartments and a wooden boardwalk replacing the crumbled concrete one. The sky hasn’t been dulled by commerciality or erosion, only by empty cans of Bud Light and Publix grocery bags… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello all! Although neither November nor October was particularly earth-shattering or wildly thrilling for this abnormal youth (me), I did chance upon several books and musical pieces that elegantly spell out the definition of beauty. Personally, I was just floating through the cracks of college, trying on different faces and personas and… Read More