by Mackenzie Patel Hi all. I write for my University’s satire magazine, The Crocodile, and below are a few unpublished articles of giggles and witticisms. Although school specific, I think my dry humor appeals to anyone with a heart of sarcasm–enjoy! Also, did anyone catch the title play on Hippocampus’ 2015 single? Girl Intentionally Dirties… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel I used to read at least three hefty novels a month. I slunk around libraries like they were wordy brothels. And I always wrote an accompanying website post a solid two days after I shut covers. However, during the semester of Fall 2016, I didn’t cover-to-cover complete ONE BOOK; I only cracked… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Hello all! Here’s a quick visual post of the Stars Wars calligraphy I created this summer. I’m in love with this intergalactic world the way I love peanut butter. It was introduced to me only 1.5 years ago by my sister’s rad husband—an upheaval of my personal interests ensued, with Lord of… Read More