by Hello my world travelers! Back in May, I wrote a post about a global climate change arctic expedition happening in several cities throughout the United States. Never saw that post? Read it here! The article discussed a trip the Arctic scheduled for June 2015; the goal was for regular citizens to see firsthand the… Read More

by        Although I am not even a legal adult yet, I have had the opportunity to travel to some very fascinating and culturally rich countries. During my travels, I have encountered interesting characters that I still remember to this day, even though I only saw them once for a few minutes a… Read More

by        After browsing many of my vacation photos (how many of these posts come into being), I began seeing uncanny similarities in architecture between buildings in different countries. Italy? Spain? A small town in the USA? Each country had a particular edifice with a striking feature that was not easily forgotten: a… Read More

by        Hello World Travelers! My posts will probably be quite sparse in the upcoming week because I am switching this website from Blogger to WordPress. I plan on getting a new theme and completely revamping the site. Watch out for a new layout and interesting articles to come! Thanks for understanding. :) … Read More