by        Hello travelers! I have recently been listening to songs that evoke a sense of travel or wanderlust. Hearing them makes me want to jump on a plane, fly to Europe, and live in a medieval fairy-town for a month. These songs are strictly from my music on my iPad—I did not… Read More

by  Recently, I just finished the brilliant and thought-provoking “The Prince” by Machiavelli, one of the most important giants of the Italian Renaissance. Niccoló Machiavelli was a purebred Florentine, and he was continually surrounded by cutthroat politics, deviant rulers, and invading foreigners (i.e. rulers from Spain and France). Although “The Prince” was a… Read More

by        Hello travelers. Since I am obsessed with art history, I would like write about the different museums I have had the privilege to visit in my young life. Many of them are in Western Europe and the United States. Prado Museum         I had the honor of visiting… Read More

by           Hello world travelers! Antoni Gaudí is my favorite architect of all time, and I’m amazed that I have not written about one of his most famous works, Parc Güell, yet. This sprawling compound is located in Barcelona, Spain, and was originally meant to be a ritzy residential estate that “grew”… Read More

by Watch my video on the Erechtheion here:          The Erechtheion is a stately and awe-inspiring structure that is located on the Acropolis of Athens, Greece. However, most people have never heard of this amazing (albeit it difficult-to-pronounce) building. “Acropolis” literally means “high city,” which hints at the actual geographical orientation of… Read More

by Bullfight at Las Ventas            Last summer, I had the opportunity to fly across the world to Spain and view a traditional bullfight in Madrid. I will admit, the sport was rather gory and not exactly my cup of tea, but I understand the cultural aspect behind it. Modern bullfighting… Read More

by First Impressions:        I think that energy production and the people involved in that trade are interesting, so this book was a good fit for me. After enjoying Russell Gold’s book on Fracking, I thought I would delve into the world of oil and see how its innards functioned. To my… Read More

by       Hello amazing and cultured viewers—today, I would like to pick out some places to visit if you only have one balmy afternoon in London! Last summer, I was the ultimate tourist in England, and managed to soak in the most memorable places in London in about six hours. Although I was… Read More