by Watch my video at:        This painting depicts a fast-moving train with soldiers shooting long, powerful guns. It is in the style of Futurism, an Italian modern movement (1909-1914) that glorified technology, war, the dynamism of new objects, and the fast pace of urban life. It was founded by Marinetti, an Italian… Read More

by Everyone is connected!        While I was surfing the Humor section in Pinterest on my iPad, attempting to do some research on my laptop, texting my sister to ask how far she had gotten in Lord of the Rings, and syncing my iPod to my desktop, I got to wondering, “How many… Read More

by Hello all! As I was on Stumbleupon, I watched this amazing video by Luke Shepard. Here it is: Some of the top ones I liked on the list were: 1. The Colosseum 2. Trevi Fountain 3. Brandenburg Gate 4. Atomium 5. La Sagrada Familia! Colosseum Trevi Fountain La Sagrada Familia Atomium  … Read More

by Watch my video here: Champs de Mars: The Red Tower        This amazing painting was completed by the French painter Robert Delaunay in 1911. Overall, the canvas projects a positive image of a relatively new, industrialized city (such as the chic Paris with its new buildings, art, and social conventions). The painting… Read More

by        Based on the ratings on Trip Advisor, this small, fairytale-like city barely gets a mention when compared to fancy places in Spain like Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, and Salamanca. It is located near Toledo, a rustic city that has Christian, Eastern, and Moorish influences; however, Consuegra is known for its authentic windmills… Read More

by        Just for some history, the Battle of Edessa was a conflict between the ancient Romans and the Sassonids (a Persian Empire) that occurred in 260 CE. The war went down in Southern Turkey, and the Persian force was led by Sharpur, a monarch that was a constant thorn in Rome’s side… Read More

by This is the characteristic “desert” that many people think of in Giza, Egypt.        By definition, Ecotourism is “the visitation of natural areas for tourism and recreation by usually more affluent people” (Jay Withgott, 2008). Although most people think of the beaches of Costa Rica, the rainforests of the Amazon region,… Read More

by The Original Settlement        The past couple of days, I have been interested in the large amount of places in this world named “Plymouth.” Most of the cities named are in the United States, but there are also “New Plymouths” in New Zealand and Canada as well. The original Plymouth was (and… Read More