by  Mackenzie Patel Because I think anything related to our natural environment is appealing, I decided to discuss the fascinating topic of plate tectonics and how it differs from continental drift (another landmass theory). Both attempt to explain how our landmasses are situated the way they are today and why. They also are enmeshed with… Read More

by        The loud, raucous noises that greeted my ears upon opening the clear glass doors made me think I was in some awful High School Musical rendition. We are in the lavish pool area of Caesar’s Palace, a grand hotel located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the Palace contains many woeful anachronisms… Read More

by Morning Market Cigar Booth        This past week, I was lucky enough to take a stroll in Ybor City, one of the historic districts in Tampa and the state of Florida as a whole. Although the weather was undeniably steamy, I learned and experienced so much that I still would have enjoyed… Read More

by Watch my video on this painting here:  This image was painted by El Greco (Doménikos Theotokópoulos) around 1580, and it now hangs majestically in the Prado Museum in Madrid. This museum also contains many works by Velázquez, Goya, Rubens, and Dürer. El Greco, an artist who was born in Crete and was later trained… Read More

by        Throughout my many travels, I have encountered treacherous and shady roads. I would like to share a few of them with you, although there isn’t much I can write about each specific road (except that it was perilously dangerous and I’m surprised my parents drove on it with young, frenetic children… Read More

by I was surfing, a website that sells “urban fashion.” I happened to browse a few shirts that were on sale, and here are the awesome sayings/images that I found! The Painting featured here is “Summer Evenings” by Edward Hopper. He painted this eerie, urban-isolationism image in 1947. This American Artist wanted to reveal… Read More

by  Hello world travelers! I have very exciting news for you all—I published my first book! The title is “Vitae Romanorum (The Lives of the Romans).” I am incredibly stoked because it is about Ancient Rome (my obsession of three years). I published it through CreateSpace, a self-publishing Amazon company. It is available on the… Read More

by              Let me just confess this: I paid the exorbitant fee of $8.00 to see this movie because (1) it featured Indians, and (2) I knew the scenery would be beautiful because of the idyllic European setting. The movie did not disappoint in either of those departments, and off… Read More