by Mackenzie Patel Paring high-brow musicians with the dregs of college partying is something I think Mozart would appreciate. Who says that black-tie culture can’t mix alcohol as well as adagios? I’ve been studying classical music for over two years and hearing fiery works (i.e. The Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner) reminds me of… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Classical music is no longer limp background of funerals and study sessions: it’s turning people on. Roman Coppola’s Mozart In the Jungle is getting audiences hot and bothered with the operatic sex of middle-aged divas and angsty composers. Yuja Wang is reinventing what it means to be a classical musician one skin-tight… Read More

by Mackenzie Patel Dear Musical Phases, I’ve head bobbed and thrashed, lip sung and terribly crooned. I’ve sketchily downloaded and pretentiously paid. But throughout this maze of guitar cries and electric synth, a few addictive “musical phases” have emerged. The ocean of obsession has drowned me on several occasions, the landmasses of sanity and normal… Read More

by   Mackenzie PatelHello world travelers! I just finished A Clockwork Orange, and I must admit, I was profoundly disturbed while reading it. I thought Lolita was unsettling to the point of full-blown pedophiliac weirdness, but this novel took crazy to a whole new level. Basically, it told the story of a young man’s journey… Read More